5015 Stickney Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43612 (419) 726-7891


The Toledo Area Sanitary District has bi-annual meetings to discuss District business that are open to the public. The scheduled meetings are held at the District office, located at 5015 Stickney Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43612. Minutes from these meetings are electronically available, upon request, from the District office. Due to limited seating capacity and social distancing practices, an RSVP and mask is required to attend. You may RSVP by calling the District office at 419.726.7891, Monday through Friday from 8AM – 4:15PM. The currently scheduled meeting dates are as follows:

November 30, 2021 @9:00AM

May 13, 2022 @9:00AM 

The Toledo Area Sanitary District Records Commission meets annually in early February to discuss its records retention and schedule. This meeting is also held at the District office and open to the public. To find the specific date of this meeting each year, the public is encouraged to contact TASD via phone in mid-January.


Toledo Area Sanitary District
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5015 Stickney Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43612

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